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The Osmosis Machine Glooptastick Workshops

Ages 7 Upwards

For more than ten years Adrian has been touring Science Festivals, Museums and Art Galleries conducting visual and tactile experiments with young people in order to teach scientific methods with viscous materials.


Students are invited to make substances called Gloop . The Gloop is a mixture of PVA (polyvinyl acetate) and Borax (Sodium Borate). When combined with water the borax reacts with the glue molecules binding the polymers together to make a substance a bit like putty which you can squish in your hands and even bounce.


The resulting Gloop is a semi-solid plastic-like material. This then can be taken through observational and competitive tests applied to lessons in learning.


Students will be able to apply information, concepts, and ideas found in art and science to their own creations and designs as a team with collaborative roles.


This is a good introductory tool for both science and art and debates the differences and similarities between the two disciplines. The workshop enables students to understand experimentation and creative process as well the chance to articulate their thoughts via the gloop graffiti.

Other workshops include:

Draw Bots, Meccano, Animal X, Painting, Water Rockets, Cymatics, Drawing Machines, Cardboard Den Making

Workshop menu and costs are available by email. More images coming soon.

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