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1973                     Born Garstang Lancashire, England


1998-2001           Slade School of Fine Art UCL London MFA Fine Art
1995-1998           Falmouth College of Arts UCF Cornwall BA Hons Distinction
1994-1995           Blackpool & The Fylde College (Foundation Art Dip Distinction)
1992-1994           Blackpool & The Fylde College (Illustration Design Dip Distinction)

Adrian Pritchard Solo Exhibitions


2018                     Terraforma Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool

2017                     20Years Painting Retrospective Blackpool University Centre

                              The Green Slime BADept Studio Gallery Blackpool
2015                     Osmosis Machine Bolton Neo/Moorgate group

                              Osmosis Machine Newcastle Centre for Life

                              Catto Gallery Portugal

                              Osmosis Machine Newlyn & Exchange Cornwall
2013                     40 Play BADept Blackpool
2012                     Osmosis Machine - Supercollider Blackpool

                             Osmosis Machine - Royal Exchange Manchester
2010/11               Unsteady States Culture Shops Project Blackpool
2009                     Superfluous Storey Creative Industries Centre Lancaster

                              Un-Strung Theory Hive Gallery Yorkshire
2008                     String Theory Un-Made Fest International Gallery Liverpool
2007                     eu-sta-cy  Comme Ca Art / Lowry Hotel Manchester

                              Osmosis Kilnhouse Gallery Thornton Windmill
2003                     Flux & Fusion Catto Contemporary London
2002                     Cubes Glaxo Smith Kline Harlow
1999                     Mirror of Self Ginza Gallery House Tokyo

                             Mirror of Self Tsumagoi Art Fest Japan
1997                    Here and Now Miki Gallery Ginza Tokyo

                             Falmouth College of Arts Gallery Cornwall
Selected Group Exhibitions

2018                     Lancashire Science Festival Uclan Preston

2017                     Down By the Riverside Arts Festival Lancashire
                              Kinetica The Thin Veil  London
2016                     New Mills Arts Festival Derbyshire
                              The Lucky Jotter Blackpool University Centre
2015                     Eureka! Art Pavilion London
                              Osmosis Machine International Maker Fair Newcastle
                              Catto Gallery Summer Show Portugal
                              Supercollider Abingdon Studios Blackpool
2014                     Lost Inventions Fantastic Creations Blackpool
                              West Coast FYC Blackpool
2013                     Neo Art prize Bolton
                              Through Neo Gallery Bolton
2012                     Osmosis Machine Manchester Science Festival
                              Beyond the Material World York
                              John Ruskin Prize Coniston Cumbria
                              Pop, Print & Stitch Marburae Gallery Cheshire
                              LAN Oxheys Mill Studios Preston
2011                     11:11 Bricklane London
2010                     Culture Shops 2nd round Blackpool
                              Visual Arts & Business Salford
                              Art 2010 London
2009                     Visual Arts & Business London
                              Fylde Creatives FYC Gallery Blackpool
2008                     Hive Gallery  Yorkshire
                              Un-Made Liverpool Biennial
                              Chocolate Factory London
                              Miniature Focus Newcastle
                              BUY ART ibis Manchester
                              Timescapes, BADept Blackpool
                              Art 2008 London
2007                     WesterGasFabriek, Amsterdam
                              Grundy Gallery Blackpool
                              Grand Designs, NEC Birmingham
2006                     Red Wire Gallery Liverpool Biennial
                              Grundy Gallery Blackpool
                              Round One Way Wolstenholme Liverpool Biennial
                              New Trends in Painting Leicester City Gallery
                              Comme Ca Artists Lowry Hotel Manchester
2005                     North West Prize Art Gene Gallery Cumbria
                              Comme Ca Artists Lowry Hotel Manchester
                              Sefton Open Atkinson Gallery Southport
                              Naked Wall Westbourne Studios London
2004                     Big Art Challenge Lowry Museum
                              Line and Form Stephen Lacey Gallery London
                              Blackhorse Studios London
2003                     Art 2003 London
                              Blackhorse Studios London
2002                     F-EST London
                              Art 2002 London
                              Catto Contemporary London
                              Blackhorse Studios London
2001                     International Omori Bellport Japan
                              Lift Off Catto Contemporary London
                              New Convertible Kinnijoespace Hamburg Germany
                              Pentagon Award Beatrice Royal Gallery East Leigh
                              New Bloomsbury’s Scarlet Maguire Gallery London
                              Paton World Paton Gallery London
                              Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show London
                              Art Factory Tokyo
2000                     Tyohu International Tokyo
                              Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show London
                              NAU Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
1999                     Come Hell or High Water Penzance
1997                     Quality of Light St Ives

Curated exhibitions

2015                     Eureka! Art Pavilion Mile End London
2014                     Lost Inventions Fantastic Creations Blackpool
2009                     Helena Ben Zenou Architecture of Pleasure Blackpool University Centre
                              Michael Cassidy Narcissus BADept Gallery
                              Kit Abramson" I shave Tennis Balls rather than peal vegetables"
                              Clare Chapman " Phantasmagoria" BADept Gallery
2008                     Timescapes, BADept studio Gallery Blackpool
2002 -2004          Blackhorse Studios Open London
2001                     New Bloomsbury's London


2017                     Down By The Riverside Festival Dolphinholme      

                              Art Bots Science Week Grundy Gallery
                              Gloop Workshops DBRS Festival Lancashire
2016                      Left Coast  Cardboard Dens Constructions
                              Glow in the Dark Gloop Workshops Grundy Gallery
2015                     Gloop Express Bolton Market Place
                              Gloop Express Newcastle Life Centre
                              Gloop Express Newlyn and Exchange Gallery
                              Left Coast Mereside fun day Cardboard Den Constructions
2014                     Meccano Bolton Arts Centre Museum
                              Avant Gardening Creative Spaces
                              Marsh Mill Meccano Workshops
                              Inventor Shed Stanley Park
                              Inventor Shed Mereside
                              Fun Palaces weekend  BaseLine Blackpool
2013                     Animal X Workshops BADept Gallery
                              Fylde Coast Scouts Science Badge awards
2012                     Royal Exchange Theatre Gloop Olympics
2009                     Architecture of Pleasure Badept studios gallery


2015                     Arts Council England Grants for the Arts for Osmosis Projects
2014                     Left Coast Express Research Grant
                              Left Coast Express  Future Popular Grant
2013                     Neo Art Prize Visitors Choice
2012                     Corner House Micro Commission
                              John Ruskin Prize ( Short list )
2010                     Two Commissions for Blackpool Culture Shops Award
                              AC funded Blackpool Council
2009                     Arts Council England Award to facilitate Blackpool Arts Residency Program
1999-2001           British Academy Award AHRB
1997                     Ferdynand Zweig Travel Award ( Japan )


2014- 2015                              PT-Lancaster University
2011- visiting  lecturer           Nottingham University
2010- visiting  lecturer           Blackpool and The Fylde College
2009- visiting  lecturer           Nottingham University
2009- visiting  lecturer           University of Cumbria

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