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Links to some of the Badept Artists who have exhibited with the Badept program.

Clare Chapman makes paintings that are uneasy in their uncertainess. They seduce, yet retain a feeling of repulsiveness lurking beneath the surface of their abject bulges and hollows. The imagery is often accidental and altogether fictitious. John Moores Finalist 2008 and British School in Athens Residence 2004 Clare currently lives and works in London.



Helena Ben Zenou investigates architecture, urban spaces, and the city’s relationship to contemporary art practice. Working across painting, photography, installation, video, sound and curation, works and projects explore the transitory and contradictory nature of cities, and address the physicality and social history of urban spaces. Helena is Badept artist in residence; She currently lives and works in Nottingham and London and exhibits with Sarah Myerscough Gallery London.



Micheal Cassidy was born in Blackpool in 1985 and graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2007. Recent group exhibitions include: Jerwood Contemporary Painters 2009 at the Jerwood Space, London and The Life Room, at The Chelsea Space, London.  Michael returns from a successful residency with The Treignac  Projet in Treignac, France. 

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Virginia Verran has had a number of retrospectives in her career including public galleries like the "Henie Onstad Gallery" in Oslo and "Newlyn Gallery" in Cornwall.
With Virginia Verran’s work we see our perception of space and objects constantly challenged. Initially a process painting it plays with the minds ambiguity in relation to the art. To define the work is to undefine its pure state of marks which illustrate movements of light like vapour trails and glimpses from the corner of the eye. Each work has a different pace a different tempo or speed in which to fasten your self for some sort of cosmic encounter.




Kit Abramson: Negotiating a practice whilst raising a young child has forced Kit to consider the parallels between these two responsibilities. The work she makes involves ridiculous and arduous processes resulting in films, objects, performance, paintings and installations. Pieces are often slight, fragile and absurd and their subtext often channels the experience and involvement with her child’s development.



Georgia Cox is a portrait painter who explores intense pattern and shadow. Her layering techniques and repetitions build up to create a very detailed rich surface. Many of her works explore the way shadows and light pass over the contours of peoples faces. Other paintings are of a personnel nature like her self portrait which was exhibited at the “National Gallery”




Esteban Igartua is a Peruvian artist who graduated at “Byam Shaw School of Art “in London 2003 and subsequently went on to exhibit in “New Contemporaries”.
His work is about a world that of his own imagination. Although derived deep from his subconscious there is a strong narrative between his works as the story unfolds. These are labouredly created paintings of harsh landscapes not indifferent to old religious depictions of hell.
A large collection of Esteban’s work was exhibited at Bristol’s “Spike Island” along with Georgia Hopton and Cornelia Parker in the exhibtion "Prophet".


Adrian Pritchard makes marks through the build up and release of tension. In doing this he creates a variety of painting techniques which he combines with eastern aesthetics and western physics. This has led some of his work to take the form of painting installations which use gravity to precipitate viscous materials.  Adrian has exhibited widely across the UK and Japan, his work can be found in public collections like “University College Falmouth” and the “British Embassy” in Tokyo.  



Emma Oldridge came to prominence in 2000 when she won the “Jerwood Drawing Prize” for students. Emma‘s work is interested in futuristic gadgets and experiments which have since become dated. There is this sense of vulnerability and nostalgia in the way she depicts machines and people. She tries to underline and develop these ideas through the process of manipulating, editing and re-inventing the source material.
Emma currently lives in Bristol where she has a studio at “Spike Island”.



Christopher Mills graduated from Liverpool “John Moore’s University” in 2005 and currently has a studio with “Red Wire Liverpool”. Christopher depicts loose narratives of isolated and precarious landscapes which in turn are inspired by filmic dystopias and utopias. The images play with the notions of pop art, Idealistic landscapes and architectures with intense light patterns. There is a surreal quality within the content of the work, although the artist claims his paintings are loosely derived from real life places.
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